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Superintendent’s Message: Distance Learning will continue through December

On October 9, 2020, the following message went out to parents via email and text. If you did not receive this message, please contact your school office to confirm your contact information is correct.
When we began our school year in Distance Learning, we set a target date for reviewing our decision on October 1, 2020. Last week, our principals and district office administrators met to discuss the newly released Reopening Guidelines published by the Santa Clara County Office of Education, the data from the parent survey, and the data from the staff survey. We also discussed possible schedules for opening general education classes, budget ramifications of various reopening situations, and what other districts around us are doing.

After reviewing all this information, we are sharing today that we will remain in Distance Learning through December. We will, however, continue to grow and support our current “hybrid” model of opening more satellite programs on all campuses’ in ways that make the most sense for each school site. To read the full message, click here.

KONA ICE - October 28th!

Kona Ice will be at Anderson on Wednesday, October 28th from 1:30 -3:30! This is a fundraiser for our Home and School Club. You can use this pre-order link to order ahead of time or you can pay in person on Wednesday. The Kona Ice prices range from $5 - $7 each.

October 20: Get Pumpkins, Support Moreland!

Grab a mask and join your friends at the Queens Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday, Oct 20. 15% of pumpkin sales will go to MEF when you show the flyer from @mefhome on Facebook, Instagram or!

Free Meals for Children 18 and Under

Beginning Wednesday, September 16, Free Meals for all children will be offered to families. Families may go to any school site they choose for convenience. Children do not need to be present. Each bag will consist of a breakfast meal, lunch meal and dinner. On Fridays, you will also receive breakfast and lunch meals for Saturday and Sunday.

Distance Learning Readjustment ~ Wednesday Schedule

On Friday, September 4, 2020, the District sent out a message to families letting them know about a possible adjustment in students’ Wednesday schedule. Based on feedback that we have received from both elementary and middle school parents, students are experiencing Zoom fatigue, and students and families would like more opportunity for individual outreach. Additionally, teachers are needing more flexibility in the schedule to address small groups, provide learning opportunities away from the computer, or address individual student needs. Therefore, beginning September 16th, the Wednesday schedule may be changed by your classroom teacher. Students will still have a full day of learning on these days, however it may look different in that there will be more assignments away from the computer to help reduce screen time, more small group opportunities, or increased 1:1 time with the teacher. Teachers may still include lesson time as they have been. Teachers must still check-in with their classes to take attendance at your school’s start-time (middle school students will take attendance first period). If your child receives intervention and/or special education support, services may still take place on Wednesdays.

Emergency Financial Assistance & Food Support for Families

West Valley Community Services is providing emergency financial assistance and food support for households impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. If you or anyone you know is affected by school and/or business closures, loss of jobs and hourly earnings, or are having to take care of dependent older adults amidst the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis, we are here to
help. West Valley Community Services serves the following zip codes: 95014, 95030, 95032,95033, 95044, 95070, 95129, 95130. Please contact West Valley Community Services for more
information, referrals, and services at or
call 408-366-6092. All appointments and consultations will be over the
phone or video.

Sept. 11th - Last Chance to Update Emergency Info Online

Aeries Parent Portal, the online student information system where parents are able to complete the traditional First Day Packet online including emergency contact information and annual notifications for their students will be closed for editing on Friday, September 11, 2020 at 4:00 PM. The editing feature of the Parent Portal allows families to update emergency contact information, review & accept mandatory district documents, change how they would like to receive communication from the school, and allows middle school families to view assignments and grades. After September 11th, the Portal will become a “view only” system and any changes will need to be made in-person at the school office. If you have not signed up for the Aeries Parent Portal, visit your school’s office for assistance.

Distance Leraning

During distance learning, students will follow a consistent structure across each grade level. This plan meets the daily instructional minute requirements set by the state. Daily instructional minutes are calculated as a combination of teacher-led instruction and additional individual assignments. Teachers will not be assigning traditional homework. Students should utilize their time after the established school day to complete any assignments that were not completed during the school day, unless those assignments are to be completed over multiple days as noted by their teacher.
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