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Parent School Compact

Anderson Title I School Compact

Anderson Elementary School Staff, Student and Parent Compact

Our School Mission: The Anderson School staff is dedicated to providing a safe, productive learning environment which supports all learners by teaching rigorous academics, fostering creativity and developing social skills. We are committed to strengthening the bond between students, parents, and staff resulting in the ability of all students to reach their full potential in being responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

School Responsibilities

Anderson Elementary School will: 

Provide high -quality rigorous instruction in a safe and productive learning environment which supports all learners. 

  • Utilize a comprehensive assessment system that drives instruction
  • Analyze comprehensive data along with classroom performance to create meaningful lesson plans
  • Continue to refine and implement standards based curriculum for all students
  • Flexible grouping for small group instruction during the school day 
  • Provide extra support within the school day for students below grade level
  • Provide enrichment opportunities within the school day
  • Use special activities in the classroom to  make learning fun and meaningful
  • Provide a safe learning environment for all children
  • Highly effective, qualified and diverse staff
  • After school enrichment and tutoring opportunities

Strengthening the bonds between parents and staff:

  • Formal parent teacher conferences are held twice a year for children in grades TK-3 and annually for children in grades 4-5. Students performing below grade level in grades 4-5 will attend a second parent conference in the spring. During formal conferences the report card is reviewed, student progress is shared and learning goals are discussed. 
  • Informal parent teacher meetings can be scheduled during the school year
  • All staff member emails and phone extensions are available on the school website 
  • Principal and Vice Principal have an open door policy when on campus and available, meetings can also be scheduled with administration 
  • Plan ELAC and Home and School Club meetings with parent input
  • Back to School Night, Fall Festival, Open House and STEAM family nights are scheduled annually 
  • Newsletters, upcoming events, and important school information is sent home on Wednesdays and posted on our school website, social media presence on Facebook and Twitter 
  • Encourage volunteers for community events, classroom projects, field trips and parent meetings 

Student Responsibilities

Be respectful, responsible and safe when on campus:

  • Come to school each day ready to learn and do my best 
  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Use positive language
  • Keep my hands, feet and objects to myself 
  • Use classroom and school resources appropriately

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities 

Support my child’s learning:

  • Monitor attendance and bring my child to school on time
  • Attend at least one formal parent conference to discuss my child’s education
  • Make sure my child reads every night 
  • Stay informed about my child’s school by reading paperwork that is sent home by the district, school and classroom teacher and check the school’s website monthly 
  • Participate in school activities by volunteering your time during the school day, chaperoning a field trip or volunteering for an evening or weekend school event