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About Anderson

Anderson Elementary School is located in West San Jose and a part of the Moreland School District.  A smaller school within the district, it serves approximately 400 students in grades TK-5 with additional students attending our state and special education preschools.  With the attitude that all students can and will achieve our high expectations, teachers use data, small group instruction, supplemental programs and interventions to provide students the education they deserve.


In English Language Arts all students in grades receive grade level specific Common Core instruction based on the State Standards. In addition to this, all children in grades TK -3 receive small group guided reading instruction and all students in grades 4-5 participate in reading flex classes based on their academic level. These groups focus on meeting the needs of each child at their level in order to further their ELA growth. These groups are monitored and flexible as children grow academically. The technology used during this time to enhance learning is Imagine Learning and Raz Kids. Benchmark Advance is also used in grades TK-5 as part of our English Language Common Core curriculum. 


In Math all students in grades TK - 5 use Eureka Math which is a Common Core math curriculum based on State Standards. This curriculum emphasizes academic vocabulary, critical thinking and problem-solving. Teachers pull small groups to reteach and enrich group lessons that are taught during the day. The technology utilized for math instruction is Zearn, Imagine Math, Big Brainz, JiJi, and Khan Academy. 


Every student in grades 1- 5 participate in an intervention/enrichment block during the school day. Students are placed in groups according to academic data. We have four literacy aides who work with classroom teachers during this time. Throughout the day our Reading Intervention Specialist works with small groups of students as well. Our Math Intervention Specialist works with students in grades 3-5 as well as supports classroom teachers in grades TK-5. 


In order to support the development of the whole child, we have monthly positive character traits that we focus on. Staff recognizes student character achievement in the classroom as well as during school-wide monthly assemblies. Our staff focusses on recognizing positive behaviors around campus. Classroom teachers incorporate social skill lessons into their curriculum. The school counselor visits classrooms to give whole class mini lessons centered on empathy, friendship and problem-solving. 




Mission -

The Anderson School staff is dedicated to providing a safe, productive learning environment which supports all learners by teaching rigorous academics, fostering creativity and developing social skills. We are committed to strengthening the bond between students, parents, and staff resulting in the ability of all students to reach their full potential in being responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


Vision -

Anderson School will be a community of learners where high expectations reign in a nurturing and joyful environment. Students will thrive academically and socially to become well educated, productive citizens able to adapt to an ever-changing world.