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5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

We will be celebrating our 5th-grade class as they leave us and move on to middle school. The promotion celebration will be in the cafeteria on June 15 at 11:15.
Students need to arrive at school at 8:00. Parents and family members wishing to attend the promotion can begin arriving on campus at 11:00. After the promotion, you may take photos outside in front of the fifth-grade classrooms.
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Food Service Payments

Effective Tuesday, May 30th, Food Services will no longer allow meal charges for 2016-17. Cash and online payments through will be the only acceptable form of payment. All negative balances MUST be paid by the end of the school year. Please check your balances with the cafeteria site to determine your account balance. A courtesy meal will be served to students who do not have any money in their accounts. Thank you for your patronage and have a great Summer!
Child Nutrition Department
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Congratulations to our amazing people who were recently honored at a special Moreland School District Board Meeting! Brent Duka, 5th grade teacher, was awarded Anderson Teacher of the Year. These are just a few of the reasons why he was selected; his ability to connect with students in a meaningful way, his knowledge of curriculum, collaboration skills with colleagues, positive energy, differentiating lessons to engage all children and the way he cares about the Anderson community. Alicia Thornton, school secretary, was awarded Anderson Classified Person of the Year. She was selected for her ability to learn quickly, her positive energy, welcoming smile, her ability to be proactive in finding solutions, the efficient way she completes tasks and her caring nature toward everyone in our Anderson community. Carmen Gonzalez was awarded Anderson Volunteer of the Year. Carmen has been an active volunteer for many years. She makes photocopies weekly, makes tamales, helps with the hearing bus, fund raisers and Home and School Club events. We were so honored to celebrate these three amazing people who help make Anderson a wonderful place to be. Thank you Brent, Alicia and Carmen! We appreciate your dedication to Anderson.
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Science Night Success!

Thank you to the many families who participated in our Family Science Night! There were 80 children engaged in science activities with their families. The Children's Discovery Museum set up 10 different science stations featuring gadgets in motion. We also had our new giant blue blocks out for children to build and explore. A special thank you to the 10 staff members, parent volunteer and 5 past students who volunteered to run the science stations. It was a fabulous family event and it was wonderful to see returning students giving back to Anderson.
Click the title for more photos!
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Welcome Our New Cafeteria Team!

We are pleased to welcome our new cafeteria team, Maria Villasenor and Maria Martinez. Both of these lovely ladies have many years of experience working in food service in Moreland. They are a dynamic team who work together well to make sure students are fed healthy meals every day. They also ensure students have plenty of food choices. When you visit the cafeteria please say hello and welcome them to Anderson. We also want to congratulate Miss Boda who accepted a promotion and is now the lead cafeteria worker at Baker Elementary School.
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Healthy Food Choices

Moreland School District staff takes seriously our role in helping to curb child obesity and diabetes. Our wonderful partnership with Sodexo provides healthy food choices for students each day through our breakfast and lunch programs. You may not be aware of the fact that school districts are required and monitored by the California Department of Education to not serve any food to students, during the school day, that do not meet the state and federal guidelines as healthy. This includes foods for birthday celebrations, classroom treats, and school fundraising events during school hours. Parents can help by choosing non-food items when contributing to school events, or selecting healthy choices as an alternative. In addition, all healthy foods contributed to the school must be store purchased according to the local Health Department. Together, we can help to encourage healthy choices for students. Thank you for your help.
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More Enrichment Activities!

This year we have added many new enrichment activities including an entire enrichment lab! Students enjoy these fun learning opportunities during school, at lunch and after school. Students enjoyed playing with these large building blocks during lunch. It was fun to see the children working together to create and build. These activities are more than play. Students are learning while having fun. They are practicing collaboration skills, building vocabulary, using thinking skills, exploring how to build their creation and revising their ideas when they don't work.
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Gardening Club

Our gardening club run by Mrs. Frietas is going to expand soon thank you to MEF! Mrs. Freitas's fifth-grade class wrote a Moreland Educational Foundation grant to transform a piece of land behind the G wing into a school garden. The garden will be an outdoor learning space and each grade level will have space to plant. The MEF recently approved the grant for this expansion. We are thankful to MEF for their support and we are so proud Mrs. Freitas's 5th-grade gardeners! We look forward to our new garden space and the transformation of empty land into a beautiful learning environment!
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Our New Buddy Bench

The Anderson Student Council led by Mrs. Smith raised money to purchase a Buddy Bench. The idea for the bench came from the children in student council wanting to make a positive difference on campus. The Buddy Bench is for students who are looking for a friend to play with during recess and lunch. When other students see someone sitting on the Buddy Bench they will invite them to play. We all appreciate the hard work by the Anderson Student Council in raising the money to purchase the bench and we love their amazing idea. Thank you for making a difference on our campus and giving a gift that will last for many years!
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Enrichment Lab

Our Enrichment Lab is coming together nicely. This educational space will be used for lunch time, after school and during school activities such as science, art, exploration, engineering and creativity. The possibilities are endless! We can't wait to see where the children's imagination takes them and we can only imagine all that they will learn!
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